So the book bucket challenge is still doing the rounds on Facebook. Every list is not too different from the other. I read a rather nice rant by a journalist on how almost everybody is probably lying about their list.  But whether they are lying or not, you sure get to know a little if not a lot about the person from their list.

So okay, even I did not mention any of the Harry Potter books or fifty shades of grey (I have not read the others) on my list, but that is because they are not books that changed my life or struck my mind when I was writing the list. In fact to be honest, no book has really changed my life, I just jotted down books that came to my mind first. You know, stuff like Crime and Punishment and Love Story (both books moved me to tears).

But yes, I have seen some honest lists with 50 shades of Grey on it. Now that is a book, which was a traumatic read. I have never read such repetitive crap in my entire life. Reading that book made me lose my faith in the New York Times’ bestsellers list. I am never going to trust them again. I mean I can sum those three goddamn books right here in a paragraph –

Girl meets a very handsome and rich boy, develops a mad crush, boy thinks the girl is pretty hot too. Boy gets interested but makes the girl sign a a non-disclosure agreement if she wants to have sex with him and says that their relationship will be purely sexual. To her horror she realises the guy is into kink and BDSM, but after initial hesitation she agrees to play his game and then follows lot of sex. Repetitive sex. Her “inner goddess” realizes she is cool with kink. They fall for each other in the process. Their story hits a minor setback when the girl’s boss tries to rape her, but the guy saves her. Pissed boss tries to kill the guy, but well he is the hero and the hero wins the battle. Girl-Boy get married and have kinky sex ever after.


So yes, that was fifty shades of grey for you. Save yourself the trauma of reading the actual book. Also here I would like to tell you why the name ‘Fifty shades of Grey?’

Well the male lead’s name is Christian Grey and somewhere in that novel he calls himself ‘fifty shades of fucked up”, so yeah, the book should have been named that too. Describes it perfectly. Never in the course of reading a book, has the poor prose made me want to kill myself.

Go watch the movie if you want to though, at least it will consume much less time.