Issue #2 of ‘A Thing Called Truth’ by Iolanda Zanfardino & Elisa Romboli is just as fun and colorful as the first one. The story begins with a quick flashback into the life of the second protagonist Dorian Wildfang, about who we don’t get to much before.

Quick recap – The primary protagonist Doctor Magdalene Traumer wakes up with a hangover in her car with a stranger driving it! This happens just hours after she was kicked out of the lab she dedicated her life to, right after she developed a path-breaking device for her employers. So what will Magdalene do? Go on a wild trip across Europe with a hot-tall stranger as chauffeur or go running back to her disastrous life? If the covers of the first two comics haven’t given it away yet – she chooses the former.

The second issue has a bright Hollywood road-trip-cum-romantic-comedy feel to it. There’s the classic trope of two opposite leads – Dorian is an impulsive go-getter, living from paycheck to paycheck, doing all sorts of jobs or ‘hustling along’ as they say; Doctor Magdalene is a serious nerd who cannot think beyond work. But the trope continues to be gold, because a clash of personalities always makes a story more interesting.

A little more background to Dorian’s character would’ve helped, unless the author is saving more flashbacks for future issues. The story still feels like it has only begun, so that’s both a pro and con. Pro because it keeps the reader’s interest alive, con because it feels like the plot hasn’t move forward and it quite disappointing when it ends.

Elisa Romboli’s artwork stands out as usual, especially since this issue has a few tourist spots, involving drawing historical buildings in the comic panels. Iolanda introduces some new touching themes in the issue – that of family bonds, relationships and how movies can influence our lives. Dorian’s desire to tour across Europe is wild yet serious, mixed with an emotional need to cope with a recent loss. It’s going to be interesting how these two very different people interact in the next few comics.

It’s a 4/5 from me.

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