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‘Abstract AF’ is a space about books, movies, poetry, art and all sorts of random pop culture curiosities. Despite most content experts suggesting that a site should cater to a ‘niche audience’, some of us believe that one shouldn’t limit to writing about just one subject, we all have opinions on just about everything under the sun, and we must be allowed to do so. Which is why this site is pretty much about everything. And it also has a podcast show on YouTube by the same name – Abstract AF – please check it out and subscribe.

The site is run by Sneha Jaiswal, a journalist and author who has published three books (“Bad Town Kids“, Love, Loss, Lockdown“, & “Death & Darker Realms“) If you want to contact the writer, collaborate or be featured on the site – drop a mail at

P.S. – You will find her on Facebook, GoodReads and Instagram.

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