Remember how comic book creator Stan Lee would sneakily appear in blink-and-miss roles in Marvel movies? Sure, a lot of writers/directors have done that in a lot of movies… but the Lee example seemed to be a good one for this write-up. In the 2022 Netflix series ‘Heartstopper’, which has been adapted from the comic-book series of the same name by Alice Oseman, the creator makes a tiny appearance in the last episode. If you missed spotting her on the show, here’s a still from Episode 8, where the author-cum-artist makes her cameo.

She is the girl on the train, busy illustrating (hopefully some new hearstopper scenes) something, while Nick and Charlie the protagonists happily chat away, oblivious to everything around them. The cute little blue drawings behind them bear the Oseman stamp, with the maple leaves that appear throughout the books and even series. Also, love how her bag has a rainbow on it, symbolic of the positive LGBTQ+ representation in her books!

The series is available to stream on Netflix, and you could read our spoiler-free review right here – Heartstopper – Warm And Fuzzy Like The Books – or listen to the audio review instead (embedded below).