The first few pages of the graphic novel ‘Aquicorn Cove’ by K. O’Neill immediately reminded me of the underrated Japanese animated movie called ‘Ponyo’. Both stories are set against a gorgeous sea-side town and have some magical water creatures in them. But apart from the basic setting, the tales are quite different from each other.

Plot overview – Young Lana goes to her seaside hometown with her father and helps the locals recuperate from the after-effects of a terrible storm. A simple trip home turns magical when Lana rescues a seahorse-like creature and learns about the fascinating underwater species whose way of life is being threatened due to over-fishing and exploitation of their resources by humans.

K. O’Neill’s art in the graphic novel is simple yet dreamy and I loved reading the breezy story. It’s a lovely children’s fantasy book that attempts to explain the problems of over-fishing and its damaging effects on coral reefs in a simple manner. I really enjoyed the illustrations and Lana’s little adventure in her hometown.

‘Aquicorn Cove’ may not be a very engaging read for older readers but is a balmy breezy graphic novel that makes you want to go on an underwater adventure.

It’s a 5/5 from me.

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