Art is addictive. It’s a fact you learn as soon as you plunge seriously into any form of art – sketching, painting, singing, dancing, writing, etcetera. And the true beauty is in the versatility of art which ranges from the plain silly to murderous serious. Thus you have works that will move to you to tears of laughter or to so much thinking that it turns into depression.

For me, writing brings swift demise of all free time. It fills my hours and the only depressing thing about it is that it makes you realize “there is never enough time to do all the nothing you want”. (stolen from the amazing Bill Watterson’s Calvin).

Obviously I do more writing than just what I put up on my blog. And then there is some reading, the movies, music, lots and lots of music. If you know how to spend your time wisely in your room, it becomes your own personal art house. And of-course there is the bit of sketching I have been doing. And although I subscribe to the traditional pencil and paper, digital art has caught my fancy these days. I even tried doodling today on a friend’s phone, since I do not own a phone with a stylus. Pretty funny and silly it turned out to be. Got a good laugh out of us. Art, I tell you, never stops to amuse. That might as well have been something drawn by a five year old in art class.