Rating: 3 out of 5.

“I used to think heroes never lose. But now I know the truth. Some things can’t be stopped. Eventually, everyone loses.”

The finale of the 5-part comic book series “Astonishing Times,” written by Frank J. Barbiere and illustrated by Arris Quinones and Ruaire Coleman, begins on a rather grim note. Issue #5 primarily explores themes of doom and devastation, but the panels are drenched in a burst of flashy neon tones. While the plot escalates too quickly with clichés and delivers a rushed climax, the A+ artwork is sure to keep readers hooked to the pages.

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Protagonist Noah Sans’ idol and superhero partner Kokin is almost defeated, so it is up to the reporter to somehow take on the evil villain in the tale. In my review for Issue #1, I mentioned how the setting of this series reminded me of “The Boys”. At that point, I wasn’t sure if the comparison was fair because, while superheroes are revered in “The Boys,” they are forgotten entities in “Astonishing Times.” However, Frank J. Barbiere employs a major plot twist that is eerily similar to a significant story arc in “The Boys,” which will make readers go, “aha! That’s a Billy Butcher move” (Billy being one of the protagonists from “The Boys”).

“Astonishing Times” makes for a decent quick read, but the creators could have developed a longer and more in-depth tale to give the superhero genre a more fitting tribute.

It’s a 3 on 5 from me.

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It’s a 3 on 5 from me.