So I released my first book “Death & Darker Realms” on December 4 and if is to be believed, it’s already in their top 10 bestsellers in the poetry section!

I know the rating is temporary & dynamic & keeps changing. But it feels extremely encouraging, especially after reading a bunch of established writers who insist that “your first book is going to sink without a trace” or “you would be lucky if you sell even two copies”.

Anyway, this post is a shout out to any blogger reading this & is into poetry or book reviews. “Death & Darker Realms” is right now available for free on Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle App as a weekend promotional offer. I opted for this so that reviewers could get it for free and do a review. (Even if you are not a reviewer, you could still get it for free) So if you are interested please head to the amazon store and get it. You can back-link your review to me. Or tag me on Instagram where you will find me @ScarredFoot

The book is free only till Monday as part of a promotional campaign I enrolled in with Amazon. It deals with themes like death, depression & dysfunctional relationship.

If you don’t have a kindle, just get it on the Amazon kindle app for phones.

I will drop links to the book –

Amazon India

Amazon U.S

Amazon UK

Amazon Australia 

(Please check your country’s amazon if I haven’t listed it or just on your kindle/kindle app)