Issue #4 of ‘Barstormers’ by Scott Snyder and Tula Lotay conjures up an old school Hollywood forbidden romance, with a dash of daredevilry in the mix – lead couple Bix and Tilly are making decent money by performing aerial stunts but are unaware that their enemies are hot on their trail. Remember – Tilly is a newly married bride who runs away with Bix who had literally gatecrashed her marriage party with his aircraft. The fuming wealthy groom is hellbent on getting his woman back and punishing Bix.

(Read Barnstormers Issue #1 #2 & #3 Review for a recap)

Issue #4 sees the story progresses in a predictable manner, but Tula Lotay’s glossy gorgeous artwork makes you feel like you are watching a motion-picture. The cover image for this issue looks like a young Jason Segel and a brunette Margot Robbie; making one wonder if actual actors served as inspiration for the protagonists. Snyder’s decision to make Bix suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is one of the few elements in ‘Barnstormers’ that sets it apart from old school love stories. Bix might be living the fast-flying life with the beautiful Tilly by his side, but his war experience continues to haunt him.

I feel like just 30 pages per issue for this 5-part comic series isn’t enough but considering how conventional most of the plot has been so far, maybe it’s for the best. Bix and Tilly are forced to make some tough decisions in this issue and it looks like readers might either get a very tragic climax in the next issue or an unexpected exciting climax. The latter would be nice.

It’s a 3.5/5 from me.

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