For the first time, anime series ‘Blue Lock’ features a proper flashback sequence to shed light on a character’s past. Viewers get an interesting glimpse into Chigiri’s past and what his ‘special’ talent really is.

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Since episode six ended with a tense cliffhanger, seven continues to be a serious episode, with Isagi Yoichi and team sweating their ass off to win against the devious opponents. Betrayed, outnumbered, out of breath – can Team Z still win the crucial match? The show’s razor-sharp focus on soccer so far has kept thing pacy and interesting.

Chigiri’s flashback was quite dramatic and he takes center-stage in this edition, things drum to an exaggerated but wholly satisfactory climax. A few new cocky characters are introduced at the end of the episode, leaving fans with the promise of an exciting chapter.

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