Episode 8 doesn’t have a lot of soccer, yet it gets over in a flash! This edition sheds some light on a whole bunch of new characters, especially the top scorers of the ‘Blue Lock’ program. They all seem to be impressive unbeatable beasts. While episode seven ended with a brief glimpse of the three best strikers in the facility, episode eight titled ‘Formula For Goals’ builds upon their characteristics.

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The next match will seal the fates of protagonist Isagi Yoichi and fellow members of Team Z. The boys barely survived by managing to get a draw in their last game, how will they manage to take on a team that didn’t suffer a single defeat so far? Strategy, strength, spirit, solidarity… Team Z cannot just study their opponents, they will have to pool in all everything they have to survive in ‘Blue Lock’. And Ego suggests something that makes everything think – can their be a formula to win goals?

Reo Mikage and Nagi Seishiro from Team V really stand out, their contrasting personalities – is a rich egocentric bored brat who wants to win the world cup, while the other is a asocial gamer who just happens to be naturally talented at soccer – makes their friendship both bizarre and sweet. Zantetsu Tsurugi completes the power trio of team V, although, viewers don’t get any back-story on him, at least not yet. I really want to see a lot more of the impish Bachira in the show, he is whimsical, spirited and fun.

Despite being a tense episode that’s supposed to set ground for a ‘do or die’ match, the writers sneak in a few hilarious seconds where Team Z members unwind a little and play a silly game that has nothing to do with soccer. The final match kicks off in this very episode, which means fans are left with a nail-biting start, it’s not even a cliff-hanger, for the ‘Team Z Vs Team V’ match barely begins and the episode is over! Cannot wait to stream the next one.

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