I had cold-coffee at a cafe for the first time since March this year. A friend of mine was in town and we decided to catch up, covered in our face-masks of-course. Our chairs in the cafe were so far apart that we couldn’t even fit in the selfie frame. Although, later we did get up and take one for keepsake.

It was nice to be beyond the 1km radius of my house, in familiar streets that would have been bustling with people otherwise.

“I could have never imagined this lane could be so empty on a Friday,” my friend exclaimed. We were at one of the ‘most happening’ areas in the city, but it wore a forlorn look.

“I know right, it’s crazy,” I nodded in agreement.

“Let’s go for a walk. I have not been out at all,” my friend said after were done with our coffee.

So we walked along what used to be a busy street, dotted with graffiti, empty cafes and a deserted metro station. On a normal day, it would have been filled with people trying to pose with the wall art for their instagram feeds. On the bright side, we didn’t have to wait for anybody to clear from the view to take pictures. I made my friend pose with ‘Love, Loss, Lockdown’, my debut fiction book for the gram.

We continued to walk after a very brief photo session. None of the usual street hawkers were around to bug us. Not even those random salesmen that pester you to sign up for some shit. A book store that is very popular with the locals was surprisingly closed. On our part, we tried to keep a good distance from the people that were also walking on the same side of the street. It wasn’t very hard. There were so few of them.