A bunch of people have praised the cover of my book “Death & Darker Realms” and some have asked who did I get it done from. Well, I actually sketched it myself and just uploaded it as the cover for the book without any edits.

The thought of getting professional help did strike me and some online artists do cover works for reasonable rates, but I thought maybe the cover of my debut book should me more personal,  peculiar and imperfect, just like the book perhaps.

It was the second sketch that I made, the first one was with a girl’s neck shown and the hair flowing upwards, but the outcome wasn’t that great. The current cover, I was happy with. And did not even put my name on the cover because it just seemed odd to force in the author name. Sure it helps readers remember who the owner of the content is, but they would remember the name if they really like the work and the front page has nothing to do with it.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked the book out yet, it’s a Sunday, so maybe you might have some time to spare? The book is free only till Monday, so if you are a poetry enthusiast who does not know what to read next or a blogger who does reviews and is not sure what to write about next, may I suggest that you try “Death & Darker Realms”. If you do, you can link it back to me, or tag me on Instagram, my username is @scarredfoot or you can simply put the review on goodreads and I will know about it. I would also feature it on my blog with the link to your page.

If you don’t have a kindle, just get it on the Amazon kindle app for phones.

I will drop links to the book –

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(Please check your country’s amazon if I haven’t listed it or just on your kindle/kindle app)