‘Cry, Heart, but Never Break’ is an illustrated children’s book by Glenn Ringtved & Charlotte Pardi. If you have a kid in the family or are just looking to gift a book to a child, it would make a great pick for 7-9 year olds. Especially if you think they need earn about death.

Through this simple & quick read, the author tries to explain the inevitability of death to children. Death is symbolized as an ominous black-cloaked scythe wielding man, but is said to be kind & warm-hearted. He visits a house, where a bunch of kids are taken care of their grandmother. But her time is up.

The kids try to delay death from visiting their beloved grandma, so death himself patiently explains then why they cannot avert it. The story within story trope works pretty well in this children’s book.

An interesting pick to explain death to the little ones. It’s a 4/5 from me. Not recommended for adults at all.