Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I absolutely loved the six-issue comic book series “DCeased” by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Stefano Gaudioan, and Rain Beredo. Although the plot is not entirely original, as it follows a similar storyline to most zombie apocalypse tales, it was still a thrilling experience for horror fans to watch DC superheroes fight against a deadly virus that claims even the most powerful of them. I highly recommend reading the collected edition of this series as it is a page-turner.

Unlike Marvel’s own zombie themed episode in “What If…” which saw superheros turn into brainless biters, DC’s “DCeased” comes with a technological basis of the apocalypse, so those affected aren’t actually zombies. The virus is transmitted through phone screens and blood exchange, and those infected are not interested in eating the survivors but rather killing them. Louis Lane narrates this ‘end of earth’ story which methodically unravels, with world heroes desperately strategizing how to beat the virus before it kills everybody.

The artwork is absolutely FANTASTIC, a lot of panels stand-out and would make great phone wallpapers. However, the series does have a drawback as it is loaded with references that only hardcore DC fans would understand. While popular characters such as Batman and Superman are featured, lesser-known names like Plastic Man and The Atom also make appearances. Nonetheless, the comic book packs in plenty of action with lots of blood, killing, and hordes of the undead.

It’s a 4.5 on 5 from me!

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