This one simple sentence is often met with shocked gasps and outrage: I do not watch Game of Thrones

Yes, it is true, I have never watched a single episode of this worldwide rage. But I am a big fan of Peter Dinklage and this photo made me smile. His performance in Death at a funeral was what made me a bag fan of this talented dude. And if you have not seen the British comedy movie, that deserves true outrage. The guy deserves every award that comes his way!

Oh yeah! (Photo: Associated Press)
He is holding the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor. The show in fact has won a record number of 12 Emmy awards and has created a history of sorts today. Funnily, I am still not curious about the show. Do not intend to watch it. Bet it is a great show…. sure. Might read the books some day. Peace. Cheers!