She… she is like the wind. You cannot chase her and even if you do, you cannot catch her. Her feet are never static. They skip, hop, run and sometimes, just sometimes, leisurely tread on the sands of time. They are not waiting for anybody to sweep her off her feet, she is swept by life, there is no time to wait around. From one destination to another, she has to move on, she has to see it all. She works tirelessly and takes her smoke breaks, drinks mixed with giggles. The quintessential social butterfly? Not really. She does not have the time to sit back and party with you on Friday night. She is up till late, packing her bags while talking to her friend. While you sip your drink, she is off to another place.Embracing life like it could end anytime. Feverishly living every moment, stealing some sleep whenever she can. Sleeping with whoever she wants wherever she wants. There is no time to waste on your judgement. Grasping the moments gifted to live, to breathe, to see and to see as much as she can. With every smoke ring, she is planning what next. But most of the time, she just gets up and goes. Just packs and leaves. To a new wonderland, all by herself, vulnerable and yet open to all possible experience. Smelling the rain, kissing the grass, breathing the air of each new place with renewed fervor. It’s hard to keep up with her. “Where are you?!”, you ask. “I am so jealous!”, someone else posts. She smiles and quotes the greats. Sometimes she bestows you the rare honor of her presence and parties like its the first time she had let her hair down. Screaming to the music, dancing like an idiot, enjoying every silly moment. Sometimes she sips more than she should and does regrettable things. Like the time she kissed a man she had no liking for, misleading him and crushing his heart. Feeling terrible. But there is no time for regret. So she moves on. Pushing it to an abyss. Moving on to another day. Each one is brighter and holds promise of a fresh adventure. She sips her coffee and works away as much as she can. Saving every penny she can. So the next month she can explore another new world. Meet faces she has never seen. But at the end of it all, she settles down. With the man she never waited for. She let her parents decide, for they were sure.To never fly again. Slipping in to a routine. From work to home, from chores to fights. There really is no time. To go to other places and do new things that still lie unchecked in her unwritten bucket list.

Don’t be her.

Caged birds are to be set free, not the other way round. Free birds should forever be free. Find another bird to fly with, not a cage to clip your wings and spend the rest of your life in.