“What are those six little dots at the bottom for?”, a friend asked

I looked at what he was pointing at. And then I saw them.

“I don’t know”, I said laughing.

“No, you have to tell”

“Okay, those dots are to park the darts when they are not in use”

“But there are only five darts, what about the sixth one?”, asked another friend.

“There must be another dart somewhere”, I said.

The inane conversation went on for some more time amidst laughter. All I could think at the back of my mind was – drunk darts are fun! Especially after a tiring day at work. I was not drunk, mostly sleep deprived, but lack of sleep coupled with exhaustion makes me stupid enough. But my other friends were some 4-5 shots down of neat vodka. The weekend is almost here. I suggest you try drunk darts!