‘Flavor’ the comic book series finally seems like its heading somewhere with issue #5, with protagonist Xoo entering in a culinary competition which seems like a BIG deal. Created by by Joseph Keatinge, Wook Jin Clark (Artist), Tamra Bonvillain (Colorist) and Ariana Maher (Letters), one of the best things about this series is the bright, colorful comic panels. The vibrant shades add a festive mood to everything, it feels like you really are at a market that’s wafting with all sorts of delectable fragrant foods.

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The writers subtly explore class differences in issue #5 and #6, for example despite the culinary competition being open to all at a certain price, contestants get preferential treatment. Unlicensed chefs like Xoo are considered third class citizens. Story-wise, the comics don’t really pick up too much steam, although we do get hints of a mystery and some possible new twists, especially with regards to the character of Anant Kaur, the kid who lands himself a spot in a fancy cooking school.

Some more character building would’ve been nicer, we still don’t know anything about Anant or even Xoo for that matter, except for the fact that they want to be cooks and love cooking. All the bright colors and carnival like panels cannot make issue #6 as lively as a comic book should be. I found my interest dwindling in the series again and was disappointed with the lack of action. There’s just one very typical domestic fight between Xoo and her uncle over money and business, nothing else. Also, it seems like the series was discontinued, with no new issues since 2018. SO… DO NOT READ THIS SERIES.