“#FreedomTastesLike” is the top trending topic in India right now. Such trending topics always intrigue me (the rare few times I remember that I have a twitter handle and should be using it). And trust me, it is very educational. Because you come to know about things like International Yoga day, even though you do not as much as bend once in a day. And then there are other important events in life like Sridevi’s budday.

Anyway, the first thing that came to my mind is: Freedom tastes like having maggie while watching porn in your bedroom. So I say it out loud to my friend. He is not amused and disapproves with a smile. And then I throw in my argument: “What? that is freedom for most single Indian boys who cannot cook anything else and do not want to watch anything else”.

“Hmm, agreed”, he says.

What is better than having comfort food and watching whatever the hell you want on the internet? But then well our govt goes ahead and bans porn. And to make things worse, cops in a certain city decide to raid hotel rooms and arrest couples, because having sex in a hotel room is “indecent public behavior”. So you cannot watch porn and cannot make love to your partner while on a holiday in a hotel.


This explains why I have seen men jacking off in public (not once, but thrice, three different occasions, three different cities, I am not kidding, I wish I was). Because, well, nobody has heard of a man getting arrested for pleasuring himself on busy streets. That is definitely not  “indecent public behavior”. That… is what freedom tastes like. Or does it?