My relationship with Instagram is pretty new, less than a year to be more precise. Although, I don’t remember the exact date. I tend to be the guy in a relationship.

It started last year. After some convincing by my my friends and my brother. Because I love traveling, and anybody who loves travelling seems to be on Instagram. For two years I refused to sign up. And then, I finally did. Because all I did was post my travel photos on Facebook, so Instagram seemed like a better place to do it.

So, ever since I joined instagram, my facebook activity has become close to zero. Like I just said, all I did on Facebook was post photos of my trips. And now, I can do that on the new photo sharing community, where people actually just came to share photos. And not fake news, viral bullshit and shady quotes.

So I don’t even have to go through a LOT of weird, irrelevant stuff people post on Facebook.

But one big con about instagram has been the fact that I pretty much stopped blogging. Although on second thoughts, it’s probably because of Quora. Tend to write a LOT more there than anywhere.

But here I am again, with renewed enthusiasm to go back to blogging, regardless of whether anybody reads it or not.

Cheers to all you bloggers out there!


P.S I post pictures @scarredfoot