There is something about dark horses, when they begin to exceed your expectations, you begin to hope against hope that they continue with their winning streak against all odds. So when the Kiwis cruised smoothly to the finals of the ICC World Cup for the first time in history, a lot of people were hoping that they would take the cup home. But like a commentator said about the finals “you have to experience it before you win it”.

Team New Zealand all smiles as Australia's Aaron Finch is dismissed. Photo - AFP
Team New Zealand all smiles as Australia’s Aaron Finch is dismissed. Photo – AFP

I am not a big sports fan, but ever since I can remember, I have always seen the World Cups, be it Cricket or Football. And when I saw New Zealand play against West Indies, I must say I was impressed and was totally rooting for them. Well and then there is the fact that most of the Kiwi boys are so bloody cute! But, that is besides the point, the have displayed great potential and their fielding is worth a watch. In fact, even during the finals, they did pretty darn well while fielding, but their batting line up had failed for the day and they could not do much to win the game. When you are up against a formidable team like Australia, maybe the stakes are not that high, had the Kiwis won, they would have tasted glory but although they lost they won much respect.

An ecstatic Steve Smith hugs his team mate after Australia’s win

Australia’s Captain Michael Clarke made sure he praised the NZ Captain for his outstanding leadership. Never once did Brendon McCullum look stressed or disheartened and his boys put their heart in the game till the last ball, although they all knew it was a lost case.

“I think we can be very proud of our achievements in this tournament. It’s the greatest time of our lives and that’s how we tried to play the game, with a free spirit and heart.” – Brendon McCullum after NZ lost to Australia

It’s good to see such sportsmanship, the game is no fun if the players lose hope. It was rather disappointing to watch India bat against Australia in the semi-finals because it evidently looked like the spirits of the players was broken after their first few wickets fell.

Under the bold captaincy of McCullum, team NZ did a splendid job despite their batting line crumbling against the spectacular aggression of Australia. It was a well deserved win after an eight year long wait, clinching the title for the fifth time, no flukes, no freak victory, no luck at play. The Kiwis might learn to fly  the next time!