When I was five, I used to be fascinated by bubblegum ads, where kids and adults would blow bubbles from their mouths as they chewed gum, it was like magic to the little five year old me. I would take money from my grand mom to buy gum and unsuccessfully try to replicate what I saw on the television. Some of the older kids who I used to play with could blow bubbles but they refused to teach me how to do it. And every time they did it, I would be so fascinated.

After much pleading an older girl agreed to teach me the secret. She asked me to first chew the gum until it was soft and then make a little ball out of it. She then asked me to spread the gum evenly around my tongue and then slowly blow in air to make a bubble. I repeated what she said, but with no luck. The first little bubble I managed to blow was very small and popped immediately to my disappointment. She kept showing it to me without much success and eventually even took the gum out of her mouth to show how it’s done! It took as a really long walk of demonstration until I finally figured the secret to blowing a perfect big bubble, imagine my joy. The first thing I did after that was to dash back home and show my folks my new skill. And when my brother was old enough, I taught him how to blow bubbles with much pride. I am just laughing right now, thinking about how little things would light up our lives when were little. Also, I have been having fun the past one hour chewing gum and blowing bubbles!