Six new books are going to join my book-shelf. Two of them are hardbacks. I love hardbacks and wish they were a little more affordable.

The last two times I paid a visit to a book-store, I returned empty-handed, because everything I liked was very expensive. This time, I had birthday money from my grandfather. It just doesn’t feel too bad too splurge gift money on nice new hardbacks. And Graphic Novels.

So here’s what I got –

  1. Manga Messiah by no idea who. Because the writer’s name is written in Japanese. The blurb was interesting, it said “From the biggest-selling book in the history of the world… comes the greatest story ever told… about the most controversial man who ever lived… presented in the most popular graphic novel format on earth…” Why the hell not? It’s got Manga Jesus. That’s exciting enough. (The writer is called Hidenori Kumai – found the name inside the book)
  2. Are You My Mother by Alison Bechdel. She is the author of Fun Home, an absolutely amazing & honest memoir in graphic novel format. Unlike Manga Messiah, this was not an impulsive buy. I already knew about the book, so I just picked it up.
  3. Bizarre Romance by Audrey Niffenegger & Eddie Campbell. Another impulse buy, because I had never heard of it but the back said it’s by the author who wrote The Time Traveller’s Wife. I haven’t read it, but the movie was interesting. How bad can it be? The blurb was cute – ‘Once upon a time, a writer and an artist got married. ‘Let’s collaborate,’ said the writer. ‘Ugh, no thanks, darling,’ said the artist. But lo and behold, they collaborated and here’s the result: thirteen stories about oddballs in love, infestations of angels, nefarious fairies, cats, spies, monsters, more cats…’ 
  4. Half The Night Is Gone by Amitabha Baghchi. This one had a pretty book design and had favourable reviews from leading Indian newspapers. So just rolled with it.
  5. East into Upper East by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. ‘Plain tales from New York and New Delhi’. Never heard of the author, but he is a booker winner and short stories are always appealing.
  6. Vietnamese Legends & Folk Tales – this little book caught my attention on my way out and was very cheap, so I thought ‘why not?’. I loved my Vietnam trip last year and want to go back to that country some time later again. So a book that would give me glimpse into their culture sounded appealing.

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