Illumination lit up my Sunday evening with some of their short animated films in the anthology ‘Minions & More Volume 2’. The scale of stories was vast and varied – Minions trying to survive prison; singing bears attempting to woo a female; a super-dog on a mission to save her crush; a dancing pig struggling to babysit a whole bunch of impish piglets – there are all sorts of tales created with childlike joy in this collection.

At 53 minutes, volume two is just a few minutes longer than ‘Minions & More Volume 1’, and features characters from ‘Sing’ and ‘The Secret Life of Pets’. I love their animation style, it’s bright, colorful, spirited and shiny. The stories with the minions were pure pointless entertainment and end in the blink of an eye. “Speaking Minionese” would flash on the subtitles each time the goofy yellow beings spoke gibberish, and it just cracked me up throughout! (Pierre Coffin who voices the minions is simply brilliant, even though the editors obviously edit the sound a little to make him sound more high-pitched and cartoon-y to suit the characters)

All the ‘Illumination’ introductory animations were hilariously cute, the creativity that went in making each title intro different is just fantastic. This is definitely the kind of animated anthology that’s tailored for a younger audience than adults, but Minion fans would definitely derive plenty of laughs from it, regardless of their age. Like the first volume, the mini-movies in the second installment were also too short, some got over in a minute’s time. That’s really my only complaint, again.

It’s a 8/10 from me. You can stream the anthology on Netflix.

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