Honestly, I almost forgot I had a blog. If a lousy blogger award were to be given out, my name would be a good nomination. Failed to even meet one post a month target in 2018. How easier can a target be?

It’s already 2nd January in my part of the world. And as every year, I didn’t party. Did spend it with boyfriend, couldn’t have spent it better. ‘Fiance’ he now likes to be called. I guess two can be called a party though?

Growing up, the best way to spend new year was always staying home. Mom and dad would cook up something lovely, we would all watch some inane award show on the television together. Maybe watch some free fireworks by going up our terrace at 12 am.

I remember, one year my younger brother cried his  eyes out, saying he wanted us all to go to a 31st night event because his best friend was going there with his family. Both of us were still in school back them. My parents eventually caved in. The event was obviously ticketed and not every cheap either.

So we all went. I will admit I was a little excited about going to a 31st night event, it was a novelty, a new experience. But as soon as we reached, within the first hour we realised what a terrible decision it was.

It was like a event where everybody had to sit in chairs and people would perform on the stage. The host was terrible. The performances were below mediocre. We went home disappointed. I think even my brother’s excitement faded away after he said his ‘hi’ to his best friend.

Never have we ever attended any New Year party or event after that. It’s always been spent in the confines of our home. Besides, I never understood the excitement surrounding it anyway. Except for an excuse to party or hangout with your loved ones, it’s nothing really. Just a new date on the calendar. A reminder of your mortality.