It’s been a while since I bought a bunch of novels together and they were delivered today, with a really sweet note from the seller. Sweet note apart, his has to be my best book haul for the year.

So I got a total of six books, four among them are graphic novels, three of which are hardbacks. Amazon India doesn’t even have the hardback available for one of the titles, it’s called “Imagine Wanting Only This” by Kristen Radtke.

The other three graphic novels are ‘Chhotu’, ‘Freedom Hospital’ and ‘Northern Lights’. Most of them are second-hand, but in mint condition. I’ve never read anything by Margaret Atwood and PG Wodehouse, so picked them up. If you are an Indian bibliophile, check out BookChoor, they have a pretty cool stock of second-hand titles at very satisfying prices! SO SO WORTH IT.