Rating: 2 out of 5.

Oh my! This 2022 Thai series was supposed to be about 14-15 episodes long, but for some reason, the makers decided they should overstretch it to 18 episodes. They barely had a plot to work on and while the series was still ongoing, they extended it. What were they even thinking? Actually, wrong question. Nobody was thinking. Definitely not the writers.

Directed by Ongart Singlumpong, ‘Oh! My Sunshine Night’ is a mundane romantic drama about two rich brothers attending the same college, and how the snootier one falls for a guy with a heart condition. Fluke Natouch Siripongthon plays Sun, who constantly eats apples, because it’s supposed to be good for him. Despite being a good actor, Fluke is wasted in this series with a bizarre ‘damsel in distress’ character and has an awful hairstyle through the show. Ohm Thitiwat is Khim, the richer lead, who plays Cello and hates the world because his billionaire father wants him to take up the family business and not music. When Sun and Khim meet, they don’t like each other in the beginning (obviously), but then begin fall for each other because Khim gives Sun apples. The creators also throw in a childhood connection between the pair, to make their love more believable.

Noh Phouluang Thongprasert plays Khim’s more humane older brother Rain and was the biggest surprise in this show, since he was absolutely forgettable in ‘Nitiman’ despite being the protagonist (saw it, didn’t finish it, hence didn’t review it). In ‘Nitiman’, Noh was slightly creepy & ill-fitting for the role, but in ‘Oh! My Sunshine Night’ he is smart, sexy and in line with his character’s personality – Rain is the rich popular hot boy on campus. His romantic plot with Phayu (Peterpan Thasapon Wiwitwaron) was a lot more sensible and their chemistry was a lot better too.

On the surface, the series seemed like an average college romance, but eventually turned into this weird/toxic business themed drama, about an evil villain trying to destroy Khim’s family. Poor Sun gets completely shadowed in the end, and isn’t even treated too well. It was all just such a mess. The series did have a few good moments, but too many unwanted ones. It should’ve been at least 10 episodes shorter.

It’s a 4/10 from me.

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