We have a little transparent window in the kitchen of our new house and if people walk past from outside, they can see everything happening inside. Here’s the problem – it’s too small to cover it up with a curtain. A lot of people in the building have just plastered old newspapers over it. That just won’t do for us.

So we came up with the next best/economical solution – to paint something that fits in the space and looks like kitchen art. Kitchen art is a thing okay. Do not laugh. Since I am a huge manga/comics/cartoon fan, my first urge was to do a collage of cartoon network characters from the 90s. But I finally settled for doing something that would be more calming and decided to have a huge tree with some birds on it.

While I was looking for ideas online, I spotted a very cute mug with a fox on a mug and decided it would look good on a quick art-work. So I drew the fox on a smaller sheet, just in case it didn’t come out well and decided to plaster it on the bigger painting whenever it would be done.

Anyway, this is what it looks like – (before & after)