It’s January already, all I am sure of is that with each passing day, we are inching closer to a certain doomsday. Such positivism!

As usual, I have no new year resolutions. So there are definitely going to be lesser disappointments. But more interestingly, I have found a new place to hang out at – Quora!

I have been a member on Quora since two years I guess, three if we count 2017 *grins*. But I never answered any question or logged into my account. Although I have been a passive reader of its content,  I have suddenly become more active and have already answered like 9 questions in 3-4 days. And the best part is – I’ve already started getting requests for answers, so I don’t even have to think about what I have to answer. Although I still have to decide what not to answer.

For those who have no idea what I am babbling about – Quora is an awesome site where people can ask any question and other people will answer your question and the person who answers your question might even be a wikipedia co-founder. Yep, that is right!

Quora is filled with all sorts of awesome people (and not so awesome people are everywhere, so Quora is no exception to that – me being there could be an indicative).

So although I have no new resolutions, I have a new interesting past time and it may even receive more content than wordpress; in fact, for this year, it already has!

P.S. Happy New Year!