The wind outside is harsh, it’s music carries with it the wild rustling of leaves and distracts me as I try to gather my thoughts. It’s not a very exciting topic. But I want to write about it anyway.

I have been seeing a lot of people sharing the wordpress annual report and I got curious about mine too. Not like it has any startling insight to offer! But I was pleasantly surprised at the number of countries from where my blog has been viewed. WordPress did manage to get a smile out of me. And even otherwise, blogging here had been so much more fun than the last time I had given it a shot on some other blogging site. And I feel it is largely because of the awesome fellow wordpress writers out there! I had almost fallen in love with an anonymous poet out here, unfortunately the blogger disappeared soon. I miss the poetry. Point is – there is brilliant writing out here. The users are more encouraging, like friends. And thus it kind of keeps me motivated to write. And I have been reading more blogs than books or novels!

Annual Report
Fifty One countries – I was like”woah!”. I hope someday I could have as many on my “traveled” list.

I remember blogging when I was in college, my writing was even worse than what it is right now. And I hardly blogged. And soon, I completely forgot about it. Now, I do not even remember the name of the blog! I do not think that history will repeat. I might stop being as regular as I am right now, but I don’t think I will ever stop writing.

And here is a huge shout out to my fellow co-bloggers – You guys are awesome! 🙂