X: 2015 – the year humor died #CharlieHebdo

Y- Hey, I still have my humor for everybody

X – Shut the hell up. Do you even know he has been assassinated in Paris

This is probably just an example of a pseudo discussion on the Charlie Hebdo attack. A lot of people who did not even know about the publication until the attack took place, think that ‘Charlie Hebdo’ is the name of a cartoonist. Well to them I must break the sad news – Twelve Charlies were killed in that attack.

But while that conversation was slightly funny to read, there was another one that I chanced upon. Someone condemned the killings and a friend replied saying “have you seen their cartoons, they kind of asked for it”. Here is a new situation, what if someone close to one of the victims of the massacre reads that reply and goes ballistic with rage, decides to trace them down and kills them. Was she asking for it? The victim’s kin would think so. But is that how the world works?

It reminds you of the rape excuse – she asked for it. If it is a blazing hot summer that is burning your skin, a woman can bloody well roam around in her underwear and that does not give anybody the right to rape her. And a cartoonist can draw/write whatever the hell he or she wants, that does not give anybody the right to kill them.

Yes, some of the cartoons by the publication had been very outrageous and shocking and sometimes they were not even meant in good humor, but does that mean people can just barge in to their office and slaughter their staff?

Artwork by David Fitzsimmons
Artwork by David Fitzsimmons following the massacre of Charlie Hebdo’s employees