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‘The Director Who Buys Me Dinner’ Series Review


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Look, if one had to rate Korean mini series ‘The Director Who Buys Me Dinner’ on the basis of the cast’s ‘visuals’, a lot of us would probably give the primary cast an 8 or 9 on a scale of 10 – they are all exceedingly attractive. But the script is so harebrained… it’s hard to keep your interest up until the end. The plot is similar to another 2022 Korean series called ‘First Love Again’, so the basic concept isn’t even new – an immortal man waits for hundreds of years to finally get a ‘happy ending’ with his first love.

Directed by Yang Kyung Hee, the show stars Park Young Woon as Min Yu Dam and Park Jeong Woo as Seol Dong Baek. Park Young Woon is both intimidating and dashing as Min Yu Dam, the director of a company who hits on the cute new employee played by Seol Dong Baek. The two were lovers ages ago in a past life, but Seol Dong Baek was brutally murdered in the woods and Young Woon blames himself for his tragic demise. The story is muddled and has a random villain who makes no sense – popular problematic K-pop idol Dennis Lee (Jang You Sung) hates Min Yu Dam and unexpectedly falls for Seol Dong Baek.

This could’ve been a straight-forward sweet romance about a guy trying to woo his junior by going out for dinner every day but is made messy by an incomprehensible historical past and an unnecessary third-wheel in the present. All the actors are actually pretty great, but the story progression is weak and uninteresting. It’s not a bad series if you are looking to watch some handsome Korean oppas on the screen.

It’s a 5/10 from me.

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