How intriguing and stunning is the cover of ‘The Least We Can Do’ issue 3? It promises an action-packed follow up and creators Iolanda Zanfardino, Eliza Romboli delivers just that. The first page bursts with blood, violence and buried trauma. Uriel, the protagonist is still struggling with her ‘medium’ and fighting skills and some think she isn’t ready to seriously fight alongside the Eclipse Rebels against the brutal Eden Army.

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Eliza Romboli’s artwork and different color choices for each section of the story is absolutely vibrant and engaging. Story-wise, Iolanda is slowly expanding each character’s background with compelling flashbacks, while simultaneously adding more information on the mystery stones called ‘medium’ around with the entire plot is centered. This issue heavily focuses on the aggressive Samael, the intimidating ‘captain’ who pounds Uriel to the ground while training her for combat.

The mood and tone of this issue is darker and sombre. Readers get a tragic history of a ‘coal medium’ and how a village unsuccessfully tried to rebel against the powerful Eden Army. Those panels were dexterously drenched in shades of red, heightening the scale of the harrowing back-story. The art starkly brings out the pain, grief and loss of the losing side, the crushing defeat suffered by the common folk rings through the panels. It would be interesting to see how an underground group can hope to take on those in power and bridge the divide between the ruling class and the oppressed.

While Issue 2 had ended with a mysteriously exciting cliff-hanger about Uriel’s identity, this issue’s climax gives away who her family is. It’s a big reveal that sets the stage for future conflicts – the lead will have a lot of explaining to do.  

It’s a 4.5/5 from me.

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