As an Indian, who does not know too much about how the Russians influenced the U.S elections to ensure Trump would emerge victorious, the book ‘Trump Years – From Russia To Ukraine’ is a fascinating read.

While, as a graphic novel, the illustrations are not that great, they do an average job of keeping your interest alive. What really makes this book interesting is that they have used official documents and leaked mails to give us a glimpse of just how elaborately the Russians worked to sway the 2016 campaign.

The book also has crucial key players, each one a cog in the wheel of a massive system that worked relentlessly to discredit Hillary Clinton and portray Trump as something he wasn’t. Just the sheer scale of the whole thing is quite staggering.

Penned by Romeo Brooks, the book also helps one understand the whole ‘fake news’ phenomenon and how it’s so easy to manipulate voters in favour of a particular candidate. This book will really change the way you look at elections.

The e-book is available for free on Amazon for Kindle Unlimited subscribers if you are interested. Know what’s else is free (for KDP subscribers)? My debut e-book called Death & Darker Realms 😀 (Amazon India/Amazon U.S)