The makers of the 2020 film “After We Collided” do the viewer a huge favor and have the lead actor tell us what it’s is about in about about a minute – girl meets bad boy, falls in love, he turns out to be an ass, they break-up, he tries to change, they get back again. Fin.

Director Roger Kumble and his team try to convince us that this is a different story, but it really is not. The protagonist Tessa (Josephine Langford) has recently broken up with ‘bad boy’ Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) and is an intern with a publishing house. On the very second day of her internship, Tessa gets to attends a super fancy party with her bosses to win over a potential investor. Talk about being a super lucky intern. She gets drunk and calls the ex. Obviously.

It’s just infuriating to watch the lead pine for a boy who seems to have no talent, except for getting tattoos done on his body. Apparently he used to intern at the same publishing house, but doesn’t seem to have a job anymore, yet has the money to buy his ex-girlfriend a kindle and book tickets from the U.S to UK whenever he feels like it. WHERE IS HE GETTING THE DAMN MONEY FROM?

Also, I am so sick of every second romantic film/series having a picture-perfect shower scene where the couple is either making-out or having sex. There is not a single second of originality in the film. The movie also sends out a twisted message to youngsters watching it – that we must continue to love people who do not deserve it, that we must let great career opportunities slip by so that we can chase butterflies with an unemployed romantic interest.

The only reason this film is slightly bearable is because of a good-looking cast, even though their acting skills are quite questionable. It was nice seeing Dylan Sprouse (of Zack & Cody fame) on the screen after such a long time, but he is wasted in a poorly scripted role.

I don’t want this to turn out into a long rant about how I didn’t enjoy this film, so I am going to just wrap it up with a rating – 3/10 from me.