It’s taken years for me to get over the prejudice that a horror film starring a Hollywood heartthrob like Brad Pitt could be any good. But the 2013 movie ‘World War Z’ directed by Marc Forster is a pretty entertaining ‘end of the world’ flick. Maybe not so much a zombie one.

Pitt plays Former United Nations employee Gerry Lane, who is tasked to investigate the origin of a virus spreading dangerously throughout the world, turning people into zombie like creatures within seconds. The film starts off with news channels reporting about an unknown outbreak and a martial law being imposed in the city until thing get under control. Lane first faces the task of safely getting his wife and two little daughters to an extraction point, while all hell breaks lose around them.

While horror fans would’ve liked some more zombie killing, the plot if fast-paced, people are dying constantly, so there is enough dying to keep things interesting. It helps that Gerry Lane miraculously manages to travel around the world even when cities are falling to the virus like a pack of cards. His quest first takes him to South Korea, from there he flies to Israel and then Wales. Dude is like terminator, just doesn’t die! But Brad Pitt makes everything believable.

First rule of watching a horror movie – suspend some logic to enjoy it. ‘World War Z’ conveniently wraps things up towards the climax. It’s one of those rare zombie stories with a ‘feel-good’ ending hinging on an almost concrete resolution to the outbreak and not just an emotional closure. This is definitely a Z movie worth checking out for horror fans and is available to stream on Netflix.

It’s a 7/10 from me.

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