What if I waited…

till the sun crumbled

And the moon melted

What if I waited

Knowing there is little

little chance of return

and no guarantee

What if I stood still

right where we left

in deserted dunes

with no oasis

no mirages of hope

where faith pricked

wounding the soul

what if I waited

with my wounds

open and raw

vulnerable to more

more cuts & hurt

hardly healing

what if I stood still

through storms

and harsh winds

with gifted scars

from age old wars

what if I waited

knowing it all

all of your lies

and flawed highs

what if you knew

of all my sins

and my attempts

to purge it all

just so you would be

be back on your way

to where we left

Would you come?

Would you bend?

Put my wait to an end?