Episode 30 of Abstract AF’s podcast is all about music. I realized I’ve been adding a lot of old songs to my current music list in the last few days, stuff I used to listen to as a school-going teen. And all them are the kinds that you want to sing out loud, or bob your head violently. Okay, maybe not violently, but in a way that makes you want to dance. So they are all upbeat tracks that might put you in a good mood.

That’s my thing – unlike a lot of people who like to listen to sad songs when they feel low, I like to tune into songs with a ‘fun’ vibe to them. So here are 50 such songs from 2000-2009. I tried to not put more than 10 seconds of any song, to avoid any copyright strikes. This is just a music appreciation video, with lots of pop music. You’ve probably heard them all, but no harm in a little trip down the ‘nostalgia lane’.

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