Beyond the realm of Cybertron, where Autobots and Decepticons wage their timeless battles, lies a universe brimming with mechanized marvels and robot-driven adventures. If you loved shows like “Transformers” or even the more recent animated series “Mech Cadets” on Netflix, here’s a list of 8 other shows that you might enjoy watching!

  1. Voltron: Legendary Defender – This show follows a group of space explorers who pilot robot lions that combine to form a powerful robot called Voltron. They defend the universe against evil forces. It’s a series you can totally binge-watch, with top-notch animation and interesting characters! It’s also available to stream on Netflix.
  2. Gundam Series – The Gundam franchise consists of various series set in different timelines, all revolving around giant robots (mobile suits) used in conflicts. Popular entries include “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing,” “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans,” and “Mobile Suit Gundam 00.” “Mobile Suit Gundam” is available to stream on CrunchyRoll.
  3. Robotech – A classic mecha anime that combines three separate Japanese series into one overarching narrative. It features humanity’s use of transformable mecha to defend against alien invasions.
  4. Zoids – This series features battles between various mechanized creatures known as Zoids. The show spans different generations, each with its own set of characters and Zoids.
  5. Megas XLR – “Every kid needs a giant robot”! reads the tagline of these show where two friends discover a giant robot and customize it to fight off alien invaders. It’s a mix of humor and action, with a focus on the giant robot battles. The series is available to watch on HBO Max.
  6. Getter Robo Series – This franchise revolves around pilots who operate giant robots to protect Earth from various threats. It includes several series, each with its own unique take on the concept.
  7. Eureka Seven – While not exclusively about robots, this series combines mecha elements with a rich storyline and character development. It follows a young boy who becomes involved in the world of mecha piloting and adventure. There’s action, romance and some great animation work that will keep anime fans hooked to the show.
  8. Aldnoah.Zero – Set in a world where Earth is at war with a technologically advanced Martian empire, the series features battles involving advanced mecha technology. The show has a lot of exciting fights backed up by an engaging plot. Aldnoah.Zero is available to stream on CrunchyRoll.