What does it matter if you are on a luxury cruise or on a poor fisherman’s boat, the sea is going to be the same blue, the sun is going to be just as bright as ever, the passing vessels will still be still and if you do not intend on mingling with the crew, then all that matters is the view.


I like sitting or standing at the edge from where I can see the vast expanse of the sea, the shore shrinking away. The increasing distance dwarfing iconic buildings into tiny lego blocks as your boat sails further.


I like looking at the passing boats and ships, both big and small, wondering what type they are – cargo? government owned? Is that a tiny submarine hanging from the deck or is it just a speedboat? Oh, look, that ship even has a helipad!


And then, after all the staring and extinguished curiosity, I don’t mind taking a nap on the floor of the boat. Because the sun can be blazing hot and the destination too far away…