If you have a supposedly good voice, a super famous millionaire music composer/director/singer for a father, a famous commercial movie director offering a music video and you plan on getting a debut single released, would you at least not get someone to compose an original song if you cannot do it yourself? Oh wait… I forget… the father is a known plagiarist… so maybe not exactly in her father’s footstep… but a new kid on the block has ‘recreated’ one of the most famous Coldplay song – Paradise. This one is called ‘Lamhein’ and is by Anu Malik’s daughter Anmoll.

I stumbled upon the video when I saw an angry struggling artist’s post on Facebook talking about how enraging it is to see people like these come up, while many Indie artists struggle to create originals, create brilliant stuff but are not recognized. Maybe he has a valid point. Everything is arguable. But I do feel that a true musician would definitely want to make something new for a debut, to create something that one would feel ownership to. One can always do covers and tributes later or along the way.

Even the story shown in the music video is a story inspired from two really big blockbuster Bollywood movies. I wonder if there is a Hollywood movie too, where one singer get’s more famous than the other and the two fall apart. Anyway, I will leave with you the original Coldplay song. Cheers!