Issue #3 of ‘A Thing Called Truth’ by Iolanda Zanfardino & Elisa Romboli continues with the on-road adventures of Doctor Magdalene Traumer and the wild Dorian.

This issue is pure fun. The two protagonists are in Rome and Dorian indulges in some theatrics at famous spots filled to the brim with tourists. While these antics initially embarrass Magdalene, she eventually loosens up and joins in the madness too. Hollywood fans will be in for a nostalgic tribute to the Audrey Hepburn’s romantic-comedy ‘Roman Holiday’ – with the two driving around Rome in a yellow Vespa.

This issue felt a lot shorter than the first two, probably because it’s largely consists of just entertaining travel moments. So the last page comes faster than you expect. However, there is some growth in the relationship between Dorian and the Doctor. The two slowly move from being complete strangers to being friends. Although, it’s not all hunky dory and they do have some tense moments due to their clash of personalities.

Just like in the last one, Elisa Romboli does complete justice to Iolanda’s story with joyous panels that capture the touristy mood of the story. The artist uses a color palette that adds an almost dreamy touch to the pages. Iolanda ends this issue with an interesting revelation/cliff-hanger that leaves you wanting more.

Cannot wait to get my hands on the next issue. It’s a 4/5 from me.

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