Netflix just dropped the trailer for the 2021 film ‘A Week Away’ and man… it looks like a mash of 100 other films we’ve already seen. I had a bored straight face throughout the 2 minute 33 second trailer, can one be expected to survive the full-fledged film?

Troubled teen Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) has a run-in with the law that puts him at an important crossroad: go to juvenile detention or attend a Christian summer camp. At first a fish-out-of-water, Will opens his heart, discovers love with a camp regular (Bailee Madison), and sense of belonging in the last place he expected to find it.

Netflix Description

Except for the fact that the hero is forced to go to a ‘Christian summer camp’, which resembles any other teen summer camp film you have ever seen, nothing is interesting. He falls for the ‘perfect girl’, who is tired of playing the ‘perfect girl’ and he is hiding secrets from her. So until she knows the truth, they hang out and sing around and be perfect together. Then things go a little awry, before probably becoming perfect again. Yawn.

Actor Bailee Madison for some reason reminded me of Katie Holmes, it’s probably the hair-style. The lead actors have lukewarm chemistry and the dialogues are very last era. Whoever wrote this script, just watched a bunch of Disney summer camp films and regurgitated it on paper. Not sure if I want to watch this one. I prefer writing nice things about films and books.

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