A bunch of guy friends land a steal of a deal on a four bedroom flat in Mumbai, where rental rates are higher than New York skyscrapers. What’s the catch? The building is built on a graveyard, so most families are vary of it. What the boys don’t know is that it’s haunted too. Well, that’s the plot of the new Indian Hindi horror-comedy series ‘Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Reheta Hai’.

The four friends are Nikhil (Sumeet Vyas), Subbu (Naveen Kasturia), Kavi (Amol Parashar) and Sanki (Ashish Verma), and right after they throw a house-warming party, things begin to get out hand. One of them spikes the drinks to get with a girl. One of them dies post the party after spotting a ghost late in the night. What follows is a police investigation and a lot of madness.

For most parts, ‘Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Reheta Hai’ is juvenile, silly and idiotic. But it does manage to get a good share of laughs out of the viewer. The back-story to why the building is haunted was straight out of a ‘B’ grade horror film script from the 80s. Actor Swara Bhasker was pretty good as Mausam – a colleague of the boys, who gets entangled in the police case and is kicked out by her flatmates, so she ends up moving into the haunted flat with the men.

With just 5 episodes, the total runtime of this series is less than 2 hours, so it’s more like a feature film. The first episode was distasteful, especially due to the unsavory bit about spiking drinks at a party with an aphrodisiac. But the boys get kicked out of their jobs for it, because most of the attendees were folks from their office and the girls raise a stink over it, which was quite well-deserved. It gets more entertaining from there on. Out of jobs and stuck in a flat where their friend died, the boys don’t know how to get out of the mess. Funnily enough, the evil spirits are actually quite friendly and add to the comic relief.

If you are not a horror-comedy fan, skip this series, but ‘Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Reheta Hai’ is not a bad one-time-watch for the genre. It’s a 5/10 from me.

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