On a visit to a family friend’s place, I saw the aunt’s younger kid busily sitting on his computer and photoshopping away to glory. He was cooped up in his room the whole time and I went to check out his stuff. It was pretty cool.

Although I have never used photoshop, except for the compulsory basic classes back in college(which was mostly limited to re-sizing pictures), I decided I should meddle with it too. And what better victims than Disney characters right?! So I picked Aladdin first.

Aladin Edit It came out so funny, it was fun. But all that empty space was bothering me, so I decided to throw in Jasmine too! Oh and a boombox too (that one does not even need a reason)

I even messed around with Ariel from the Little Mermaid, that one is cooler. But this one took more time. I think I might have a new hobby now!