Quick recap of the first 4 issues of the comic ‘Alice in Leatherland’ by Iolanda Zanfardino & Elisa Romboli – Alice the protagonist, a children’s fairy-tale writer, moves to San Francisco, shares a flat with two BDSM enthusiasts, and gets a job at a sex toy store. Coaxed into exploring dating apps, she goes through a bunch of disastrous dates, and when she finally finds the ‘right girl’, something seems missing.

Can Alice find a spark with her current girlfriend, or does destiny have other things planned? The 5th issue of ‘Alice in Leatherland’ finds the protagonist fumbling through her relationship, to figure out what she really wants. The author treads on standard romance territory in this issue, and nothing comes as a surprise. But the beautiful buoyant artwork by Romboli keeps you hooked to every page.

The mood of the comic, just like the previous issues, continues to be chirpy and bright. The peachy tones of the panels adds a warm charm to everything, even the smutty bits. And then there is Alice – Iolanda & Elisa have created such an adorable protagonist, that no matter who appears in the story, most readers will always be ‘Team Alice’. In this issue, they redeem Robin’s character (the hot friend Alice has a crush on) by offsetting some of her mean traits. One just wishes there would’ve been more scenes of the foxy flatmates, they seem like the kind of folks you’d love to have a few drinks with.

I was also hoping for some more story in the 5th issue, but it gets over sooner than anticipated. Well, despite the quick climax, it has all the fun elements of a lgbtq+ romantic comedy and is wholesome. Alice almost gets her ‘fairy-tale’ like ending. I say almost, because if the creators continue the series, we can hope for some more kinky adventures in Leatherland!

It’s a 4.5/5 from me for the 5th issue.

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