American Vampire is not just by Scott Snyder, but is also co-written by Horror king Stephen King, so that’s enough to draw a comic book enthusiast who loves the horror genre.

There is a panel in American Vampire that shows a pamphlet about a book that is said to “combine the western thrill of Zane Grey and the Horror Thrills of Bram Stoker!”, it’s pretty much the summation of American Vampire Volume 1.

This book pushes the envelope for the Vampire genre and thankfully reclaims the theme that has been ‘misused’ in soft romantic books written for teen girls in love. American Vampire brings out the fangs and blood and doesn’t romanticize its heroes. It is gritty, gory and gripping.

The characters in the book are fantastically drawn and when some of our vampire friends get ready to bite, they do not look the least bit friendly. They look like they should – unpleasant aberrations. Rafael Albuquerque artwork is absolutely riveting and keeps readers hooked to every page, perfectly complimenting the plot. Scott Snyder and King even throw some Hollywood in the mix to make the story more interesting, adding a dash of drama, damsels and broken dreams.

American Vampire is the perfect series to those looking to binge-read some good old Bram Stoker style story – only faster, flashier and fiendishly faultless.