So another January One eh?

At least it’s still January one in my part of the world. Husband and I slept even before the clock hit 12 am on 31st night. Did nothing but chill in the evening after reaching Bangalore City in a train that was 4 hours late.

“Old age” friend quipped. After he asked what I did on 31st.

I am not even 30 yet. Well, almost. Not yet. Plus, I’ve been traveling continuously for over two weeks. First Cambodia, then Vietnam and then a bunch of places in India. Which also means that there are a lot of travel blog posts coming up. 

All my social media feeds are filled with the same old stuff that I see every new year – “You have 365 new chances”.

It’s amazing, the kind of faux enthusiasm and blind optimism that creeps into almost everybody around you, just because it’s a ‘new year’. There’s barely anything new. Look at me for example, every year, I make the same old rant about it. In fact, Facebook showed me an old memory from eight years ago which mocks the new year. I was in college then.

Guess I was always old.