“Bad Town Kids” is out and it’s hard to believe it’s my THIRD book, even though it’s actually my debut novel.

I am traveling as I type this, with a super fierce sun piercing through the window grills of my train window and burning my face and legs. A lot of fields and streams keep passing by and it reminds me a lot about the setting of my book.

‘Bad Town Kids’ is about four friends, growing up in a small town and spending idyllic evenings together. Things however change as they grow up and beging to face stifling rules of living in a place that’s yet to catch up with the modern complexities of city life.

The obscure little town of Dakhinpur is home to Anita, a sprightly young girl who doesn’t have much to look forward to except long conversations with her close friends – a reserved cousin, a steadfast best friend, and a neighbour who is somewhat of a rebel.

The four friends have a shared dream – to be inseparable, and to live on their own terms. But age, distance, and having to deal with regressive mindsets could tear that dream apart. And some of them carry secrets so startling, it might just challenge everything they’ve known about each other.

‘Bad Town Kids’ will take you back in time to a simpler era, where social media didn’t complicate lives, but growing up was still as hard.


That’s the blurb. If it sounds like something you would like to read, PLEASE get a copy now. And reviews will be appreciated. Dropping a few country-wise links –

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